silver bullion and coins Demand
Silver demand comes from three main categories, industrial, photography, and jewelry & silverware, which make up 95% of annual silver consumption.

Strong Demand
Historically silver became a metal of value because of its beauty, and non-corrosive elements, in today's modern age, it is used in almost all electronic devices because of its high conductivity to heat and electricity.

Scarcity & Industrial Use
Silver is a scarce metal, and therefore categorized as a precious metal, however it is the least expensive of them all, making it an affordable investment for the masses. The supply of silver has grown over the past years, however keeping up with the demand from emerging countries; whose population is just getting a taste for electronics is going to make supply an issue. Industrial use made up 46% of all silver demand in 2010, a growth of 87 million ounces from the previous year. General silver demand grew by over 178 million ounces. If the demand for silver continues, the price of silver will continue upwards, supported both by its value as a metal, and its industrial use.

Dimishing Suppply
Silver is a precious metal with a diminishing supply, unlike gold, which is stored almost indefinitely, silver is consumed quickly, and not hoarded. Since World War 2, the United States government has sold over $5 billion ounces of silver, and currently has no reported stores

Production Delays
For a new silver mine to become active and ease the supply burden, it can take 10's of millions to hundreds of millions, and years to start production. In the market, silver has outperformed gold since 2001, increasing in value by over 775%!

Historical High
The historic high for silver is $50.00 an ounce, adjusted for modern day inflation that is over $120.00 per ounce. More amazing, is that when silver did hit $50.00 an ounce, its industrial demand was just a fraction of what it is today.

Silver has always had more volatility than gold in the market, making it a great place for traders to take profit, and relatively in expensive compared to gold, which is over $1,500.00 an ounce.

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