Precious Metal IRA FAQ Why Precious Metal?
The best way to secure your portfolio against inflation, and loss of value, is by diversifying. A great way to do that is with precious metals. Unlike other investments like money, and stocks, precious metals have kept their value throughout history, creating a secure buffer between you and market instability, making them a great tangible asset to invest a portion or your entire IRA fund.

What are the advantages of placing precious metals in an IRA?
There are no taxes or penalties for rolling over your existing traditional IRA or Roth IRA into a Equity Institutional precious metal IRA.

When you want to cash out your precious metal IRA, you can take possession of the physical metal, or we can sell them for you and send you them money. A Equity Institutional precious metals IRA offers you both a diversified portfolio and added flexibility for your IRA.

How does this work?
Liberty Bullion Group has precious metal IRA specialist ready to help make the process as simple as possible. TO contact one of our IRA specialists, please call us at 970-999-5957 click here to open an account online today.

How do I get started?
Opening or rolling over an IRA into Equity Institutional is a simple process.

1. Click here to download the Equity Institutional Application. Please fill it out and fax it back to FAX NUMBER. If you need help filling it out, please contact us at 970-999-5957 and an IRA specialist will get back to you within one business day.

2. Liberty Bullion Group will assign a precious metals specialist to help you determine what metal you want to place in your account.

3. Liberty Bullion Group will purchase your metal and deliver it to Equity Institutional, where it will be held at the Delaware Depository, a Federal regulated, COMEX approved depository.

What types of precious metal can I put in my IRA?
To be approved for an IRA or 401k, the precious metal must meet certain purity requirements, and be minted by a recognized national mint.
If you have metal, but are not sure if it can be placed in your IRA, please contact Liberty Bullion Group, and one of our IRA specialist will assist you.
Liberty Bullion Group also offers a large variety of IRA approved bullion and coins for you to choose. Click here for a detailed list of the bullion & coins you can place in your IRA.

What is the minimum account transfer?
You can transfer as low as $5,000.00

What types of fees or penalties would I incur for transferring or rolling over my account?
None, there are no penalties for moving your IRA. You are simply transferring assets from one retirement account to another. Equity Institutional will act as your new IRA custodian, allowing you to keep the same tax deferred or Tax Free benefits you enjoyed at your previous account holder.

Can I take physical possession of my Metal?
During the time that your IRA account is open, your metals will securely stored at the Delaware Depository, a federally regulated COMEX approved facility. If you meet the age requirements to take possession of your IRA, or to receive disbursements, you can choose to receive the actual physical metal.

How long does the account transfer process take?
The process is very simple, and requires only a few documents to complete. The time frame is usually around 2 weeks to transfer and fund your new account.

For more information call Liberty Bullion Group at 970-999-5957, or click here to open an account online today.

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