gold investment Inflation Hedge
Markets have cycles that they go through; however, over the long term, gold has retained its purchasing power. Gold's ability to purchase goods and services over the centuries has remained relatively unchanged. World currencies on the other hand have declined because of the devaluing of currencies, and the rise on prices. Investors use gold as a hedge to protect against the effects of inflation and currency devaluation.

Risk Management
As an asset, gold is less volatile than most commodities, currencies and equities indices. Gold provides your portfolio with additional stability, and low volatility, reducing overall risk, and increasing long term performance. When the market has unexpected downturns, gold provides security and stability in an otherwise volatile marketplace.

Currency Hedge
Gold provides a security blanket for the US dollar. If the dollar falls in value against the other world currencies as measured in the US dollar index, the value of gold goes up. Subsequently, if the value of the US dollar rises against the other currencies, the value of gold falls. With the printing of US dollars at a record pace, the US dollar has fallen in value, making owning gold a must for any attentive investor.

Supply and Demand
The demand for gold has been increasing to record levels due to the rising purchasing power of consumers in developing countries such as China, and India, as well as the purchasing by central banks, to protect against the devaluation of fiat currencies. When the demand increases, gold production takes a long time to catch up because of the time it takes to mine. This shortage in supply is advantageous to investors, and another reason supporting a strong outlook for gold.

Portfolio Diversification
Statistically Portfolios containing gold are able to manage risk, and be less affected by market volatility than those who only hold stocks, commodities bonds, real estate and other assets whose value may fluctuate. Diversifying your portfolio minimizes the risk associated with fluctuation in one sector. Most financial advisors recommend that a strong portfolio should be diversified between 6% to 30% in gold.

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