about us Liberty Bullion Group is a full service precious metals brokerage, founded to help consumers buy and sell precious metal, helping to secure their investment portfolio with physical metals. The 21st century has brought with it a declining value to world currencies, and the only way to protect yourself from that is to diversify your portfolio into precious metals. Liberty Bullion Group, along with many of the world's foremost economists suggests that you should have a between 5% & 30% of your portfolio in precious metals.

Liberty Bullion Group offers four distinct programs for our clients to acquire precious metals.

• Bullion and Coins
º Liberty Bullion Group offers only COMEX certified bullion and coins, for delivery or safekeeping in a COMEX certified bank or depository. All Purchases and deliveries are 100% insured and come with a certificate of ownership.

• Precious Metal IRA
º Liberty Bullion Group and its Associates work closely with Sterling Trust, a division of Equity Trust Companies, to help facilitate our client's purchase of precious metals for a self-directed IRA. We ensure that you get only IRA approved bullion, allowing you to invest a portion or all of your IRA with precious metals. The IRA will remain tax deferred (or Tax Free) just as with your previous IRA custodian.

Liberty Bullion Group utilizes a state of the art trading platform, allowing you to have 24/7 online access to your account, and to make trades from your account during market hours with just a phone call. Our online trading platform allows you to monitor your account and make key decisions when needed most. Every Customer will be assigned a Precious Metals Specialist who helps you open your account, and assist you with trading, and educating you in your investment.

All precious metals purchased through Liberty Bullion Group are 100% insured and COMEX certified. All precious metals purchased come with a personalized certificate of ownership.

Liberty Bullion Group stores your precious metals only in Federal Government approved COMEX certified depositories and banking facilities. All metals are available for delivery after any loan balances have been deducted within 28 days, and most often within 2-3 business days.

Liberty Bullion Group was founded with a passion for customer satisfaction, and consumer education in precious metals. We look forward to securing your future with precious metals.

For more information call Liberty Bullion Group at 1-970-999-5957, or click here to open an account online today.

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